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Enhance Your Water Filter With zazen Replacement Parts


Ensure your drinking water remains at peak purity and alkalinity with official zazen water filter replacement parts that enhance and maintain your state-of-the-art water filter system.


The zazen philosophy believes in water that supports vitality and wellbeing. This means water without nasty toxins, contaminants & chemicals and which contains a balanced range of alkaline minerals in a healthy hexagonal structure. 


Replacing your water filter replacement parts regularly ensures your zazen Alkaline Water System continues to replicate Mother Nature’s natural filtration and mineralisation process for alkaline mineral water that tastes great while hydrating you at a cellular level for improved energy, mood and behaviour.


Within our range, you’ll find mineral rocks for drinking water. These incredible mineral stones contain a balanced range of alkaline minerals including calcium, iron, potassium & magnesium for effective cellular hydration and should be replaced every 5 years. 


You’ll also find ceramic water filter replacements. These should be replaced every 12 months to effectively pre-filter rust, sediment and organic matter and stop bacteria, e coli, giardia, cysts and other parasites. 


You can also enhance your zazen Alkaline Water System with a beautiful blue-tinted water filter glass container that holds 8 litres. Or try a zazen Alkalinity & Anti-Oxidant Enhancer to increase the alkalinity and health benefits of your drinking water through the release of ionised magnesium. 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review