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Product Overview

The all new M&Ms Protein is officially here !! Are you a huge fan of M&Ms? And are on the hunt for a new super delicious chocolatey protein powder? M&M HiProtein Powder is the one for you from off course the team at M&M.

Whether you want to increase your protein intake or are just looking for a tasty snack to curb your sweet tooth. This high-protein and low-sugar/low carb formula is ideal for satisfying your sweet cravings, while simultaneously supporting your fitness goals.

M&M's Whey Protein Key Features

  • Contains 21g of protein per serve
  • Contains 141 calories per serve
  • Promotes Muscle Recovery
  • Unmistakable taste of M&Ms

Product Type: Whey Protein
Suitable For: Men and Women
Assists: Muscle Recovery / Fat Loss / Lean Muscle Gain
Ideal Use: Post Workout Recovery
Secondary Use: Boost protein content in meals / snacks throughout the day


(No reviews yet) Write a Review